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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ashley!!!

Hi again, Dad here...

Just a quick note to wish Ashley a very Happy 5th Birthday today.

We are back home safe & sound after our annual Christmas trip to Grand Rapids.  We had a great time seeing Grandma, Poppa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, and cousins Paityn, Logan & Luke. We went bowling and have a great dinner out  - jammed lots a fun into a few days.  We saw good snow for the first time in the last (3) trips - good for us - not so good for Grandma & Poppa!

Ashley had a nice birthday. We saw "Walking with Dinosaurs" and went to dinner at A's favorite place - Applebee's.  She seemed a bit shellshocked when the wait staff all gathered to sing the Applebee's birthday ditty.  When we got home we also sang her a family Happy Birthday around 5 candles.  She was very excited.

She is thriving in her final year at Goddard School and really enjoys her teachers and friends.  She will hopefully be joining her brothers in the fall in Kindergarten at Oak Ridge.  She's 4 foot nothing, but all attitude as she is really unpacking her personality now that things are a bit more settled.

We love you very much Ashley, and Happy Birthday from your entire extended family and friends.

Love Mom & Dad.

Here are a few photos from the recent happenings...

Thanksgiving at the Lockheads...

A Fall Visit to Wissahickon Park...

The Liberty Science Museum, near NYC...

Christmas and our Trip to Michigan...

Christmas at Home...

Trust me - It'll be fun!

5th  Birthday!!!

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