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Friday, January 1, 2016

7 Years Old Today - Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

Good day all, Dad checking in...

Just a quick post to wish a Happy Birthday our our little girl today.  SEVEN YEARS OLD!

We just rolled in earlier this evening from our annual Christmas week trip to Western Michigan to see Ashley's Grandma, Poppa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery and her three cousins.  As usual the trip seemed too quick to be over, but we had a nice visit - and we actually saw some real snow for the first time in three years!

It's been an incredible year, and most of the good stuff from earlier in the year was captured in my last post, pictures and all.

But in November, we got a great piece of news about Ashley's health - she's on her way a to a hopefully full recovery!!  One day at a time for now, but we're very optimistic about the direction that things are headed.  She's never let anything stop her and now she's been cleared for ALL types of activities - including gymnastics, which she may start in the spring.

After a "challenging" trip to the jewelry store - let's just say that there was only one employee on staff that day) Ashley walked away with pierced ears!!  Mom offered Ashley a new set of "big-girl" pierced earrings as a reward for doing so well after her procedure.

She has taken on the role of "Big Sister" to Ryan with her usual level of enthusiasm.  She reads to him nearly every day and is helping him along with his words and letters.  Her reading is outstanding and she's above grade level - and also did really well with her other subject at the last grading period.

She has really excelled on her bike and scooter this fall, and has even showed her coordination and athleticism (with Dad on the sidelines) during her brothers' winter baseball workouts.

We're looking forward to a fun winter and we're hoping for some snow here in Harleysville soon!

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!
Love ya baby!
Mom & Dad