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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy TWO YEAR Forever Family Day, Ashley !!

Hi All, Dad Here..

What a two years it's been!  In the blink of an eye.

Happy Two Year Forever Family Day.  I can still remember this day like it was yesterday.

The joy of meeting Ashley and welcoming her to the Lockhead clan; and the gratitude and sadness we felt for her incredibly courageous, loving foster family.

The non-stop action in the room as Ashley first met her Brothers and explained to them (subtly) that she would soon be running the show.  Playing tentatively in the beginning, but after 15 minutes hugging and kissing both of them.

Today, Ashley is enjoying her friends and teachers at the Goddard School.  She is speaking clearly and confidently and likes to play with puzzles, and is getting to be good with her letters and numbers.

She had a great summer at Y-Camp and enjoyed our vacations to Mexico and California.  Our California trip was actually a "make-up" trip.  About two years ago, we'd planned to stay on in California after leaving China - but we needed to get Ashley home to get the help she needed.  We promised the boys and Ashley that we would be back...so we went back.

Here are a few photos of the thousands we have in the hopper... 

Here is Ashley's Adoption Announcement...

Here we are in Mexico enjoying a nice sunset.

Just before the Phillies were mathematically eliminated - I didn't tell Ashley yet, so just don't mention it to her - she may not take it so well...

 After Dinner in Mexico, waiting on the evening's entertainment...

At the San Diego Zoo...

 Ashley with her cousin Alyx at the pool...

Well just wanted to stop in and mark this momentous day in the life of the Lockhead Family.

Best wishes to all & all our Love to Ashley!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Ashley's brother, our son Dylan, turned 6 (SIX!!) years old today.

Here are a few photos from our family party and of the Birthday gift opening...

Ashers & her Grandmother

Ashley and Aunt Mary

Dylan and Aunt Rita (also celebrating her birthday!)

Happy Birthday Dylan.  We love you.
Love M/D/K/A.

Also, Kyle has lost his first tooth...it's not pretty but here it is...

I told you it wasn't pretty - it's not like I didn't warn you...

Anyway, it's all good here on the home front.

Hope to post more soon...


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! 3 Years Old Today!!!

Hi again,

Just made it under the wire...It's still January 1 - at least here on the East Coast...with 8 minutes to spare.

I just wanted to mark the date and not miss the chance to wish our beautiful little girl a Happy THIRD Birthday, while it's still her Birthday.

We arrived home a few hours ago from our visit to East Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit with Poppa and Grandma Wedder, and Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, and cousins Paityn, Logan and Luke.

There will be pictures and stories to follow over the next few days as we catch up with the last few weeks/months - but for now...

Happy Birthday, little one.
We love you.
Mom, Dad, Kyle and Dylan.