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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Ashley!!

Hi again, just Dad here doing a quick drive-by post to mark Ashley's 4th Birthday.

Happy New Year, as well.

We're just recovering from our annual Christmas trip to East Grand Rapids - a great time was had bay all - Thanks to Gramma, Poppa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, Paityn, Logan and Luke for all of the fun times - and especially Gramma & Poppa for letting us take over the house again!

Ashley is really coming into her own and her little personality is really starting to bloom.  She's very vocal and loves trying to compete with and keep up with her brothers.  The boys are very kind to her and she really looks up to them.  She's had a good stretch health-wise, but getting out of the pull-ups continues to be a challenge.

She's happy to be FOUR (going on 14!!).  

Here is a fun picture of her on Christmas night...

She discovered Pirate Booty at Uncle Mark's house.
She's getting to be a little more of a girlie-girl, thanks to Mom!  It won't be very long at all before the boys will be going to the ball game while the girls have a spa-day!

Here are a few more photos to catch you up...

Christmas Cookies in Michigan

Halloween - during the 45 seconds between when Ashley
put her costume on and when she tore it off!

A day in the park...

The 3 Amigos

Different Day - Different Park

A Great Day at the Baltimore Zoo.
Riding a ferocious Lion.

FINALLY! Snow in Michigan at Christmastime!!

Catching up with our Cousins.
Everyone getting bigger!

A & Uncle mark

Christmas Morning, opening presents...

As these show, Ashley's doing just great.  Loving school and growing up too quickly!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Mom, Dad, Kyle & Dylan