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Sunday, October 11, 2015

FIVE YEARS Today!!! Happy Gotcha Day, Ashley!

Hi again, Dad here for a quick drive by post to commemorate Ashley's 5th Anniversary of joining our Family!

It's been a busy handful of months since we last visited, and so much has happened.

Ashley is now a BIG SISTER to her new brother, Ryan.  He joined our Family in May of this year and we were so excited to welcome him to our world.  Ashley and the rest of the crew made the trip to China (along with Aunt Rita) to bring Ryan home forever.  She loves being a sister and loves being an older sister even more!

After a GREAT year in Kindergarten at Oak Ridge Elementary, Ashley started FIRST GRADE and she even has some of her Kindergarten friends in her class.  She really enjoys school and has become a tremendous reader.  She's reading well above her expected level and has been reading everything she can - even advanced chapter books!

Since her surgery two years ago, her confidence, strength, athleticism and energy have really increased.  She's a very capable cyclist and scooter rider, and she's doing her best to help Ryan learn as well.  We are actually looking forward to her second surgery next month, and are confident that her system has recovered to the point where she can find her new normal.  We are all pulling for you!!

We visited Mexico in the spring, and Michigan this summer to catch up with Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, Paityn, Luke and Logan.  Ashley's a strong swimmer and has been working hard on her strokes - and her jumping.  It seems that she'll be moving into soccer soon since that what she seems to be liking most.

All-in-all, summer was a lot of fun and was filled with activities, day trips, day camps, and lots of time at the skate park!

We just wanted to drop by for a few moments, give a brief update, post some photos and let her know how excited and proud we are of all that she's accomplished.  Here's hoping that First Grade won't pass by too quickly - it's been fun watching her grow into a beautiful young lady.

Mom & Dad love you very much!  So does Grandma and Poppa Wedder, Grandmom and Pop-Pop Lockhead and all of your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!  Until next time, keep it going!!

Love ,

With the Natives in Cancun

Ashley & Ryan in China

The sign above Ashley's head is where she was born: Hubei Province

800 Feet up (in the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai) with only some glass to sit on!!!

Keeping cool at home this summer

First Day of First Grade

Cartwheels at Logan's LAX Tournament

A Wagon Ride at Cherry Crest Farm

Ashley's Signature Pose - at the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ

In the Pumpkin Patch at CC Farm

At Longwood Gardens

Looking good in Mexico

With our Birthday Card for Ryan - that we photographed and sent to him in China

Ashley and Charlotte

With the Bros in Mexico


First Time EVER Face paint

At the Great Wall, Beijing

With Robert, our Beijing Guide in China

About to enter the Forbidden City

At Crystal Cave

Dorney Park

At the Mack Truck Museum

Surf Dancing in Cape May

An SI Cover waiting to happen!!

Making Pretzels at the Sturgis Factory

Making Ice Cream at the the Turkey Hill Factory

At the Sprinklers in Saucon Valley

Dorney Park

At the Nature Center

Cape May

With Mom in Stone Harbor, NJ

Uncle Ed's Jet's Jersey

Picking up Chicks - at Cherry Crest Farm