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Friday, October 12, 2018

Ashley a Lockhead for 8 YEARS!

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by. Just a quick post to mark the milestone of Ashley's 8th anniversary as a Lockhead!

Ashley just started 4th Grade!  She's doing well in school and is making new friends.  We're coming off a great summer, where we covered a lot of ground, and made lots of wonderful memories.

She's doing really well health-wise, since her reversal surgery.  She is maturing and understands the importance of managing her lifestyle and balancing her diet, exercise, and lifestyle to make sure she stays on track.  She's gotten to be a very strong little lady, and enjoys long bike rides, hiking, and tearing up the local playgrounds.

In the spring, we vacationed at the Hard Rock Resort in Riviera Maya and spent most of the week with Uncle Mark, Luke and Logan - something we've never had the chance to do - what a great time we had!

In the summer, we visited Grandma and Poppa in Michigan and had fun at Uncle Mark's lake Cottage, went fishing at the local neighborhood lake, and even went on a Dune Buggy Ride up by Muskegon.  We even visited a wild animal park near Grandma's.

Then, the very next week, Uncle Mark and Luke came to visit US!  Luke had two LAX tournaments and we made day trips all week!  Lots of fun!

Later in the Summer we were fortunate enough to visit Hawaii.  We went to Maui on Vacation.  Ewe had a great week - except for the Hurricane!  We lost a couple of days, but we managed to sneak in a bunch of great times!

Also in the Summer, we visited with Dad's High School Friend Mr. Hunter and his B-I-G (Literally!!) family - and had a great Day at the beach!

It's been a great year... here are some photos of our adventures...

Last Day of School - Spring 2018

Lip Sync 2018

Lip Sync 2018

3rd Grade Play - Spring 2018

Prepping Valentines

Celebrating Dylan's 12th Birthday

Winter Fun 2018

Pittsburgh with Mom

Schenley Park - Where Mom and Dad used to Hang Out!

Celebrating Ryan's 9th Birthday

Longwood Gardens

In Mexico - checking out the Fish and Coral in the Lagoon

With Luke in Mexico

Pool Party - Mexico

Day at the Beach in Mexico

Kyle & Ashley

3rd Grade Field Trip to Elmwood Park Zoo

Bike Ride - Summer 2018

DaVinci Science Center

Eastern Sates Penitentiary

Harleysville Fair

Most Improved Player at Basketball Camp!!!

S'mores at the House!

Spring Planting with Mom

At the Arboretum

At "The Needle" in the rain forest in Maui

One of our many Cat Friends in Hawaii

At the Aquarium in Maui 

At the Hotel in Hawaii

Black Rock Beach at the Sheraton in Maui

At the Hotel/Pool in Maui (BEFORE the Hurricane)

Gotta Get Us Some Shave Ice!!

Wild Animal Park

Feeding Giraffes at the Wild Animal Park

Always Enjoy our visits with Grucle Marty

A Place for Sculpture

Steamtown in Scranton, PA

The Bronx Zoo!

Brandywine Battlefield

At Uncle Mark's - Lake Michigan

Dune Riding

About to head out on the tube!

River Tubing on the Delaware

 Hershey Gardens

Cape May with the Hunter Clan

Big Families mean Big Fun

Sand Castles in Cape May

Celebrating Tyler's 8th Birthday

Celebrating Kyle's 13th Birthday!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Forever Family Day, Ashley. Can It Really be SEVEN Years?!

Good evening All, Dad here with another short post to mark the SEVEN YEAR anniversary of Ashley joining our Family.

 Here she was Seven Years Ago...

With Aunt Rita in Wuhan

On Adoption Day with Kyle and Ashley's Foster Grandmother

And here she is more recently...

With the Lockhead Extended Family at Labor Day

At Winterthur Gardens in Delaware
 More pictures are below...after the post...

Ashley is a few weeks into THIRD GRADE, and she enjoys her Teacher, her Friends and her school.  She continues to be a strong reader.  She's a bit of a creative, and she enjoys working on many craft projects and even takes the lead when we need Birthday Cards for friends and relatives.  She's still as active as ever and enjoys most every outdoor activity (hiking, bike riding, trampolining).

She's growing into a very helpful Big Sister to her younger Brothers Ryan and especially Tyler, who she sometimes refers to as "My Little Munchkin"! He's still learning English and Ashley helps Tyler with his Letter and Number activities, and even with his writing.

We're coming off a very busy summer filled with tons of activities (most planned, but many spontaneous).  We visited lots of museums, parks, and gardens and made a ton of great memories.  We visited Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Mark and our cousins in Michigan over the 4th of July.  Ashley even learned a little about fishing from her older brothers.  We even went on a cool Dune Buggy Ride in Saugatuck.

In the spring we visited Punta Cana, and logged a ton of Beach and Pool time.  And toward the end of the Summer we had the chance to visit Southern California.  We enjoyed our time at Disneyland and California Adventure, and roamed from San Diego to LA along the PCH.

We've been very fortunate that Ashley's health continues to be very good.  She's able to manage her challenges pretty much on her own; but she's getting to mature enough to know to ask for help if she gets in a jam or if things aren't exactly right.  It's hard to believe that she's TWO YEARS Post-Op for her reversal surgery - it seems like it was just last week!  She's a very strong and courageous little fighter, and she hasn't looked back.

We're looking forward to a Fall full of great activities: Fall Festivals, Hayrides, Corn Mazes, Pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  Soon enough, we'll be staring at her 9th Birthday!

Not so fast, though, let's just enjoy the memory of that Day in Wuhan seven years ago.  We have so many memories of her Adoption Trip.  I enjoy rummaging through old Blog Posts and photos to relive the magic...

Sharing one of my favorite moments/pictures from that trip -  the first photo and the last photo / story from THIS POST

Happy Forever Family / Gotcha Day, Ashley.
We Love You Very Much.
Love, Mom & Dad

Here are a few recent pictures...

At Winterthur Gardens

With Mom at the DC Zoo (All Growed Up!)

On the Swings at Dutch Wonderland

Tyler and Ashley rode the Kiddie Whip at DW 12 times...in a row.

At Longwood Gardens

With the Michigan Cousins at Lake Michigan on July 4th

First Day of Summer!

With Kyle in Punta Cana

With T-Bone in Punta Cana

Ashley and Dylan in Michigan at Meier Gardens

At Hershey Gardens

On the Beach at Cape Henlopen Park, Delaware

Tubing on the Delaware River

Trying to take the chill off...

On the Beach in Stone Harbor