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Friday, June 13, 2014

Graduation - Good Bye Goddard School; Hello Oak Ridge!!

Thursday June 12 was Ashley's Graduation Day at Goddard School.

I am speechless - the Goddard Family has been part of ours for a little over SEVEN YEARS.  Ashley's last day(s) were weighed down with the realization that it was "the end of an era".

It all started with Kyle's first day - when I can remember, vividly, leaving him in tears with Miss Tracy.  (That was a really difficult day for both of us.) Then, seeing the look of pure relief on his face when I picked him up that afternoon was priceless.

Over the years, Kyle, Dylan and then Ashley went on to experience so many "firsts" that I can't keep track.

As Dad, my memories are in the rear view mirror - literally.  I can remember looking in the rear view mirror of the car during our morning and afternoon drives to see Kyle; then Kyle and Dylan; then Kyle, Dylan and Ashley; then Dylan and Ashley; and then finally just our little Ashley.  I'm certain that there were days when it rained and some when it snowed - but I'm afraid I can't recall many of those.  I can mostly remember their little faces on the clear days - as the morning rising sun, and the afternoon setting sun lit them just right.  The years seem to have flashed by as if in a movie trailer - too fast, and leaving me wanting more. It really hasn't hit me yet that I'll never make that drive to Goddard school with students anymore.  We'll only be guests when we have the off-chance to visit.

I'll miss herding them all across the parking lot to start their days.  I'll miss signing them in to the most comfortable, secure and nurturing place we could imagine for them. I'll miss their excited voices telling me about their activities as I gathered their stuff from their cubbies. I'll miss signing them out in preparation for the trek home.  I'll miss so many things...  Truly the end of an era.

The journey out the door yesterday, was one of the most difficult walks I can remember, so many memories of the past seven years careening through my mind in the last seven seconds before we walked out for the last time.  I had trouble processing all of it - not many dry eyes for the Lockheads.

Our thanks to the Goddard Team in Malvern - past & present.
We will always remember these days, and how our children's lives have been changed.

Back to Ashley...
The ceremony was really fun to watch and well organized by Ms. Jericka and Ms. Caitlin.  Great Job ladies!  Thanks also to BOTH Ms. Amys.  After the introductions, Ashley knew the songs but had a little trouble with the all of the acting that went along with them!  She did great, though.  We all loved to hear about Mrs. "Q".

Congratulations Ashley!!  We are so proud of you and what you've accomplished!
Oak Ridge Elementary, here we come!!

There was a lot going on at the Graduation and we got as many photos as we could before things started to break up, and folks began to head out.

Here are a few that we were able to capture:

Miss Amy (Brady) and the gang - Thanks for all you've done!!

Wait - How did THAT get in there??  (Miss Amy and Kyle and K's Graduation!)

 Ashley and her BFF, Bella

Ashley and Ms. Caitlin - THANK YOU!!

Ashley and her future husband, Benji.


Courtesy of Kyle - Mom, Ashley & Dad

Miss Amy & Ashley - we'll miss you... (and you'll miss us...)?

One last family Goddard School Portrait as students...

Ashley & Miss Jericka - THANK YOU!!!

Ashley & Aunt Rita

The Gang

 The WHOLE Gang!


THANKS AGAIN - We will miss you.
The Lockhead Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ashley!!!

Hi again, Dad here...

Just a quick note to wish Ashley a very Happy 5th Birthday today.

We are back home safe & sound after our annual Christmas trip to Grand Rapids.  We had a great time seeing Grandma, Poppa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Avery, and cousins Paityn, Logan & Luke. We went bowling and have a great dinner out  - jammed lots a fun into a few days.  We saw good snow for the first time in the last (3) trips - good for us - not so good for Grandma & Poppa!

Ashley had a nice birthday. We saw "Walking with Dinosaurs" and went to dinner at A's favorite place - Applebee's.  She seemed a bit shellshocked when the wait staff all gathered to sing the Applebee's birthday ditty.  When we got home we also sang her a family Happy Birthday around 5 candles.  She was very excited.

She is thriving in her final year at Goddard School and really enjoys her teachers and friends.  She will hopefully be joining her brothers in the fall in Kindergarten at Oak Ridge.  She's 4 foot nothing, but all attitude as she is really unpacking her personality now that things are a bit more settled.

We love you very much Ashley, and Happy Birthday from your entire extended family and friends.

Love Mom & Dad.

Here are a few photos from the recent happenings...

Thanksgiving at the Lockheads...

A Fall Visit to Wissahickon Park...

The Liberty Science Museum, near NYC...

Christmas and our Trip to Michigan...

Christmas at Home...

Trust me - It'll be fun!

5th  Birthday!!!